Common Car Myths To Debunk

Whether you are buying your first car or you have had cars for a while now, there are probably a lot of things that you do not know about them. Because of this, many common myths have come about when it comes to cars and driving. Understanding the truth behind these myths may help to make you a better driver. Whether getting behind the wheel of a new 2018 Ram 1500 from Vaughan Chrysler, or an older model of vehicle, here are some things that you may have heard that are false.  


The first common myth is that overdrive will make you drive faster. This may be generally assumed based on the name, but actually it is supposed to provide more stability and, if anything, slow you down. Overdrive simply puts the car at a higher gear than it was at before, and it is commonly used for cruising.  


Another myth you may have heard is that bigger wheels will make you go faster. The theory behind this one may be that they cover more ground in fewer rotations, however that does not necessarily make them go faster. In fact, bigger wheels may actually just increase the drag on the vehicle, either making it slower or costing more energy consumption.  


The last common myth is that red cars cost more to insure. In reality, there is no question about car color when applying for insurance. This myth may stem from correlation; a lot of sports cars are red and sports cars are generally more costly to insure.  


Next time you are considering buying a new vehicle from Vaughan Chrysler, keep these myths in mind when making your buying choices and try not to let your choice be influenced by something that isn’t even true. This can help you with making an informed decision both on and off of the road.  

Features of the 2018 Jeep Compass

For a comfortable and reliable driving experience, consider getting the new 2018 Jeep Compass. As a crossover compact SUV that’s unique for the Jeep brand, the Jeep Compass is a standout drive. With high-tech features and all-terrain capabilities at an affordable price, the Compass is a smart buy. Here at Vaughan Chrysler, we readily recommend this accessible and all-purpose Jeep to anyone.  


Innovative Technology 


The Jeep Compass can come with a range of technical features that will surely brighten the trip, including an Uconnect infotainment system with an 8.4-inch touchscreen with optional Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For safer driving, LaneSense is included to assist with traffic lane departure. Other features include the heated front seats and steering wheel, sturdy floor mats and windshield wiper de-icer.    


A Stylish Exterior and Sensible Interior 


The Compass maintains a sophisticated and sharp style with its two-tone black roof and aerodynamic design. The bulky front and the chrome molding around the sides and rear present a bold and confident look. Inside is a luxurious cabin with leather-trimmed seats that both display the craftsmanship at work and provide a comforting drive.  


Powerful Driving Capabilities 


The 4×4 system and traction management system allow the Jeep Compass to shine out on mountain and nature trails in the worst of weather. The Trailhawk boasts great off-road features with increased ground clearance. The workhorse engine helps the Compass reach 180 horsepower and with the help of automatic transmission allows for a wonderfully composed drive.  


Safety Features Protect you on the Road  


We cannot stress the importance of driving safely enough – thankfully, the 2018 Jeep Compass is more than capable of protecting you on the road. A sturdy frame and solid steel form a strong barrier for occupants. Included are seven standard airbags and front airbags with a three-vent system. With such a sensible system designed for your safety, it will feel like home away from home.  

The Great Features of the 2018 Dodge Charger SRT

The new 2018 Dodge Charger SRT has a lot of great features you may want to know about. If you’re looking for a new vehicle Vaughan Chrysler may have just the model you’re looking for. Come see us for all your new car needs.

Vehicle Overview

This all-wheel drive sedan carries similar features and style to models offered in the previous years. After all why change what works? Several engine models are available for this vehicle, giving you the ability to choose the power in your vehicle. This vehicle, like any Dodge, has been designed with top performance in mind. It includes all-wheel drive and five-link rear suspension to help keep you on the road. Electronic power steering allows the driver to choose between normal, sport and comfort modes so they can drive with the experience they prefer.


Safe and Secure

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable vehicle the Dodge Charger SRT is a great choice. With an overall five star rating in the NHTSA crash testing, and features such as blind spot monitoring, a cross-traffic alert, and forward collision warning, you can feel confident that this vehicle can convey you and your loved ones where you want to go safely.

Still in Style


The 2018 Charger, as in previous years, is still the stylish vehicle you expect. The scalloped body-side and lower profile give hints at the Charger’s muscle car heritage. The design even takes into account the vehicle’s stability at high speeds leading to the flying buttress styling of the rear roof pillars.

Your local dealership is happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to come down and see this great car for yourself. Our knowledgeable staff is there for you. Let us answer your questions or even get you set up for a test drive of this great new Dodge Charger SRT

Is the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Right for You?

There are various factors to consider when shopping for a vehicle. The make and model are typically two of the characteristics that car buyers think are among the most important. Perhaps the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the possibilities on your list. Below, you can discover details about this seven-passenger minivan that should help you make a well-informed decision.

Some of the Outstanding Features of This Vehicle


Like many people who are in the market for cars, you may be concerned about available space to store things. Fortunately, the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan has you covered. After swiftly folding down the second and third-row seats, you’ll enjoy more than 140 cubic feet of cargo room. This van even offers an available overhead bin that allows passengers to stash essentials without crowding the floor area.


There are also numerous safety features on the vehicle to give you peace of mind. For example, the traction control function activates at all speeds and checks for wheel slippage. If your tires start to lose grip on the road, the system automatically applies brakes to the affected wheels and may also cut the engine power to help you regain stability.


As a driver, you may feel more at ease when keeping an eye on kids in the back. Fortunately, the van’s standard observation mirror enables seeing behind you without turning around.


Visit Vaughan Chrysler for a Test Drive


It’s impossible to cover all the features of a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan here. However, you can experience many of them for yourself by scheduling a test drive with us at Vaughan Chrysler.


Our experienced salespeople are ready to answer your questions and give input to make the purchasing process easier. We know it’s not always easy to decide on a make and model, but if you’re considering the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan or another vehicle in our inventory, let us help.

Ram 1500 Special Editions

Whether you are looking for a work truck or just enjoyed a rugged yet refined vehicle, the 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 delivers on both accounts. This truck can be outfitted for any purpose and makes it an icon in its class. It offers three cab styles and three bed lengths. The base V6 engine provides 269-foot-pounds of torque. The Hemi V8 makes an impressive 420-foot-pounds of torque. And, last but not least, the fuel-efficient diesel delivers 420-foot-pounds of torque. All modes come with the option of rear- or all-wheel drive.


What’s New


The 2018 Ram 1500 comes in a special Harvest Edition and a new Limited Tungsten Edition. All models come standard with a backup camera and remote exterior LED bed lights switch. There are many additional features available on various models. The rugged, off-road-ready Rebel is now available with leather interior and the Sport model comes with a body-color grille.


Harvest Edition


The Harvest Edition was made with farmers in mind. That means it is a rugged and powerful workhorse ready for any job on or off the farm. You get an increased ride height of one-inch and off-road tires standard. Other special additions add to the truck’s ruggedness. The 1500 comes with a spray-in bed liner, a fold-out bumper step, tow hooks, tubular side steps, skid plates and heated seats. On the inside the Harvest Editions sport 8.4-inch UConnect infotainment screens that include navigation. You also get Apple CarPlay, 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and Android Auto.


Limited Tungsten Edition


This is the most luxurious Ram yet. It is the perfect mix of brawn and luxury. On the outside, these trucks sport Tungsten Chrome grille, blacked-out headlamps and satin painted wheels. All bumpers, mirrors, running boards and door handles match the color of the body. The inside is all about comfort and style. It comes with real wood trim and premium leather available in frost and indigo hues.


Come to Vaughan Chrysler to check out all the new Rams have to offer.

Introducing the 2018 Jeep Compass

2018 Cars are starting to get attention as the time draws nearer for these new models to start hitting dealerships. One car you will soon be able to find at your Vaughan Chrysler dealership is the new 2018 Jeep Compass. This new model comes in three different types of trim: the sport 4-door front-wheel drive, the sport 4-door 4X4 and the Latitude 4-door front-wheel drive. These cars are supposed to be designed similarly to the old Jeep Grand Cherokees, and it shows.

This new Jeep features a lot of different safety features to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. In addition to anti-lock brakes, stability control and various airbags for all kinds of impacts, there are also anti-whiplash head restraints to cradle the head in case of a collision. The Jeep Compass also features security systems to reduce the likelihood of car theft.


These Jeeps also feature all-wheel drive and off-road capability. Jeep Active Drive, the all-wheel drive system, is optional on most models. The response to the terrain is automatic and there is programming for off-road, low-traction and fast-turn driving, keeping you in control no matter the road conditions.


As with many of the newer cars, the Compass will have a UConnect touch screen stereo option, which will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The touch screen has a customizable menu bar, navigation and the ability to connect to your phone so you can send destinations from your phone to your car. There is also an SOS button and an Assist button in the event that you need to call for help, such as running out of gas.


There are a lot of cool new features coming out in newer cars today. If you are in need of a new car, be sure to visit your Vaughan Chrysler dealership to look into the new 2018 Jeep Compass.

Purchasing a Car and Why the 2016 Chrysler 200 is A Great Option

The 2016 Chrysler 200 has outstanding gas mileage and can get up to 36 mph on the highway. It is also a safe option making it perfect for your family or to drive other loved ones. This mid-size car also has a variety of configurations to choose form including the LX, Limited, S. Depending on your needs and desires, you can choose the right configuration for you.


Some of the Benefits of the 2016 Chrysler


When it comes to safety and ratings, it is hard to top the 2016 Chrysler 200. In addition, it is the ideal vehicle for your entire family thanks to the spacious interior and ample trunk space. The features are also easy to use and value safety. If these features sound appealing and important to you, it may be worthwhile to make your way to Vaughan Chrysler and check it out for yourself.


How To Choose The Right Car For You


Prior to deciding on a certain car, it is important to consider what your top priorities are. Some things to contemplate include how much space you need, how many people you drive at a time, how important feel and comfort is, you optimal gas mileage, how old you want your car to be, the type of terrain you typically drive on and how important power is to you. Chryslers are known for having comfortable and stylish interiors to make your driving experience luxurious and enjoyable. Additionally, they have good accelerations, fuel economy and handling. Depending on your desires and needs, it may be advantageous to look into the 2016 Chrysler.


Once you decide exactly what you are seeking in a car and establish your top priorities, you can start to narrow down your search. The 2016 Chrysler 200 may be the right car for you and fulfill the needs of you and your loved ones.

2018 Fiat 500L Hatchback Receives Facelift, and Consumers Are Loving it

Cute and compact, the Fiat has always been a classic car enjoyed by minimalists everywhere. However, for some, it has lacked a certain something. Well, the 2018 Fiat 500L Hatchback makes up for that something with its newest facelift. Fiat got creative with its newest design, and completed its 500L edition with a bounty of choice for potential customers in regards to color, trim and powertrain. Additionally, the 40 percent of the new model is made up of entirely new components, a huge step for the European manufacturer.



Trim Choices Galore


While the old version of Fiat was undoubtedly favored by many, the manufacturer wised up and now gives potential customers the choice between three different trim levels: Wagon, Cross and Urban. The Cross trim is for those who seek adventure, and is replete with off-road capabilities, nearly an inch of heightened ground clearance, a new bumper design and front and rear skid plates. The Urban is ideal for city driving, while the Wagon comes complete with seven seats, ideal for families with small children.


Power Options


In addition to choosing which trim they want, potential owners have the option of buying a vehicle with a 1.4 liter inline turbocharged four-cylinder, five or six speed manuals and LPG, diesel and methane. For the extra adventurous spirit, Fiat offers Dualogic robotic automatic transmission in the 2018 Fiat 500L Hatchback.


Superior Interior Options


Finally, the new Fiat comes with touchscreen controls, Uconnect HD Live an infotainment system that is compatible with most smart devices. Connect your iPhone and enjoy your downloaded music, or use Android Auto listen to one of your many playlists. The comfort options are endless in this newest model, so if you don’t like what you see, change it to something you do like.


If you love small and compact vehicles, don’t discount all that the Fiat has to offer. Head on over to Vaughan Chrysler to see what they have in store for you.

Why Mess With a Classic? The 2017 Dodge Journey

The 2017 Dodge Journey offers comfort at a reasonable price for anyone looking with a large family or a lot of friends along for the ride. Lovers of the automaker will love the classic styling and be satisfied with the overall quality of the vehicle.



The Dodge Journey made its debut in 2009 and unlike many other vehicles, it hasn’t undergone a whole lot of design changes through its different model years. That’s because the Dodge model of this particular vehicle was carefully thought out, so why alter something that was already great to begin with?


Some of the features that make the Journey and its predecessors great are the room and the capacity. The 2017 Dodge Journey is meant for long trips with lots of people. As a crossover model, it offers three rows of seating with lots of leg room for passengers. It also offers a smooth ride. In addition, there is a lot storage, not just with traditional cargo hold in the back, but also with underseat options. This makes it a great place to conceal electronic devices and cords, which is not only convenient, but a natural theft deterrent.


The 2017 model still sports a classic V6 engine, which gives it a range of 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds. The Dodge is also a go-to vehicle in terms of safety. This crossover comes standard in all models with standard with antilock disc brakes, traction and stability control, active front head restraints, front, side and side curtain airbags, and also with a driver knee airbag. With a large 23 centimeter screen, rearview camera and rear parking sensors are also available for safety technology. Other interior features of the vehicle include a USB port, auxiliary jacks and Bluetooth capability.


Whether it’s short jaunt or a long road trip, the vehicle is great for your journey. To see the 2017 Dodge Journey for yourself, come on over here to Vaughan Chrysler.

The 2016 Dodge Durango

The 2016 Dodge Durango isn’t a carlike crossover, and it isn’t an off-road-focused SUV. Instead it’s somewhere in between—a longer, three-row vehicle closely related to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and built from the architecture that brought us the Mercedes GL-Class and M-Class

The Durango, to distill it down to the essence, is a utility vehicle with considerable rugged capabilities and exceptionally nice road manners. With handsome, sauve styling, a refined cabin feel, and superb performance, it’s one of the best ways to go if you have a growing family…and a boat to tow on the weekends.

Whether your idea of what a utility vehicle should be is soft and organic, or whether you’re a fan of boxy SUVs with brush guards and roof carriers, you’ll probably come to an agreement that the Durango is one of the better-looking three-row SUVs on the market. It combines some of the traditional, with a good dose of contemporary sculpting. The classic SUV stance is set up by the big crosshair grill, as well as a silhouette that doesn’t arch too much in any way—or taper. It’s just boxy enough without looking slab-sized. LED racetrack lighting, one of the latest Dodge family traits, forms a ribbon of light across the tail.

Inside, almost none of the truck-like heritage has been carried over. The soft, flowing dash has thin metallic rings framing the major controls and a large touchscreen to rule the infotainment world. With leather upholstery, woven red inserts and red stitching, and white trim rings on the dials, the Durango feels less like an on-a-budget utility vehicle and more like a luxury SUV, done right.

Last year marked the debut of a red Nappa leather interior for the R/T model; this year all models get new wheel finishes, four new exterior colors, and a few new appearance packages thecombine gloss black and body-color details—aesthetically building a bit more on the Mopar motorsports and muscle-car cues elsewhere in the Dodge lineup.

Dodge Durango performance

The Durango includes the same, excellent new eight-speed automatic transmission that’s used in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and other Chrysler products. It’s controlled via a stylish rotary shifter like the one used in the Ram 1500 and Chrysler 200, as well as paddle-shifters for all models. A pair of strong engines is available: the standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 making 290 horsepower (or 295 hp) and 260 pound-feet, and a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 making 360 hp and 390 lb-ft. Both are helped by the eight-speed auto to achieve acceptable fuel-economy numbers. HEMI feature so-called Fuel Saver Technology (cylinder deactivation), while V-6 models now include engine stop-start technology (ESS), and all models have a selectable Eco Mode that changes throttle sensitivity and transmission shift points to maximize fuel savings.

All that said, the Durango is still especially thirsty in V-8 guise. Ratings slide to 14/23 mpg, or 17 mpg combined. And with all-wheel drive, it’s pegged at 14/22 mpg or 16 mpg combined.

It may be worth it if you tow or need just an added amount of ruggedness, though. The Durango also offers a choice between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, depending on the model. Two different AWD systems are used; V-8 models get a low-range transfer case, while V-6 models use a simpler a single-speed unit. Towing capability tops out at 7,400 pounds with the V-8.

Seating for up to seven (or optional seating for six, with available second-row dual captain’s chairs) is one of the Durango’s top selling points. Its third-row seat is quite usable compared to other models this size, and it’s split 50/50, able to be folded flat into the floor. The standard second-row layout folds forward, too, to greatly expand cargo space. Dodge says there’s room for a six-foot couch and a coffee table, or to carry 10-foot 2x4s.

Dodge Durango safety and features

The Durango scores well in crash tests and comes with a very impressive set of safety features, including seven standard airbags, full-length three-row side-curtain bags, and active front headrests. Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross path detection are available, as are adaptive cruise control with stop, and Uconnect Access, which includes some emergency and roadside-assistance services.

The smooth instrument panel resembles the one in Dodge’s Charger sedan, and can house either a five-inch or 8.4-inch Uconnect touch screen in the center stack. As in other Dodges, the gauges are made up of a seven-inch reconfigurable TFT screen.

The Durango is offered in SXT, Rallye, Limited, R/T, and Citadel models, with all but the SXT and Rallye getting the 8.4-inch Uconnect system that wraps together audio, climate controls, calling functions, and in some cases navigation. Turn instructions, audio info, or trip info can be displayed on the gauge cluster as well.

In recent years, Dodge has been pushing the Durango up the luxury ladder, first with a Limited model—leather upholstery, heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and the 8.4-inch Uconnect system—and now with a Citadel model that piles on even more like the Beats by Dr. Dre audio system (10 speakers and a subwoofer). There’s an available HDMI and Blu-ray rear entertainment system, with screens integrated in the back of front headrests and a remote. And Uconnect Access Via Mobile also has voice-command capability (including to read text messages) and enables media apps for streaming audio like Pandora or Slacker.